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SGF Bulldog Spotlight: Peter Fiorino

October 1, 2018
Bus Mechanic Peter Fiorino

Bus Mechanic Peter Fiorino in the bus garage.

SGFCSD Bus Mechanic Peter Fiorino is this month’s employee to be featured in the monthly SGF Bulldog Staff Spotlight. In this monthly feature, employees from around the district are highlighted. Fiorino is one of the individuals who works to keep our district’s vehicles in good working order so we can transport students safely.

Name:  Peter Fiorino

Position in the district and building where you work: Mechanic in the bus garage

How long have you worked in the district? 18 years

What is your favorite aspect of your job? I like working on vehicles.

What do you like to do outside of school? Interested in old cars, car shows, restoring old vehicles and swap meets. Some of my old cars include a ‘67 Chevelle, a ‘71 El Camino and a ‘77 Vega.

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