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Ballard fourth-grade class shares kindness and books with the entire school!

January 20, 2021

Two students with wrapped books.Kindness, instilling a love of reading and a little bit of creativity mixed together to create a magical experience for all Ballard students this winter.

It began on World Kindness Day (Nov. 13) when Miss Jordon’s fourth-grade class started thinking about a way to do something kind for others in their school community. It took some brainstorming, videos, reading and discussion, before the class landed on the idea to raise money to purchase a book for every student at Ballard. That’s more than 300 students!

Miss Jordon was able to collect donations for books for the project, which became officially known as the RAOK (Readers Act of Kindness) Project, through social media from her friends and colleagues, and then purchase the books directly online from Scholastic, all the while keeping it a secret from the rest of the teachers and students!

Each one of the students in Miss Jordan’s class was assigned a class in the building, and the fifth-grade team helped with the two remaining classes. Students made personalized gift tags for every Ballard student (even those who were learning virtually) and wrapped them all! The books were finally delivered on Monday, Jan. 4, by the students.

“We wanted to start a kindness chain reaction,” Miss Jordon says, “I’ve heard from other teachers that their classes are interested in paying it forward!”

Student with box of books“I enjoyed the RAOK Project because everyone was also so excited about it,” said Giovanna Oropallo. “It’s important to me to show kindness because once you’re kind everyone else is kind.”

“It was fun for me to know that [all of the students] were so happy and grateful,” said Mikhaila Pelech.

“During this time it is especially necessary to show kindness to others,” Miss Jordon added. “If my students take away anything from this project I want them to realize how good it feels to do something nice, kind, and completely unexpected for someone. That giving to people without expecting anything in return is true selflessness. And that is what each one of them showed.”

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