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Author John Gray Visits Moreau Elementary School

October 7, 2019

John Gray speaks to students at Moreau Elementary SchoolLocal author John Gray visited Moreau Elementary School recently to talk to students about his book Keller’s Heart, and a message of spreading kindness and acceptance.

Moreau’s Kindness Crew read this book last year and loved the theme and message. Gray’s blind and deaf dog Keller is a character in the book. The story tells the tale of a young girl named Raven who is deaf and struggling to fit in with the kids at school. Raven adopts Keller, who becomes her best friend.

While he was at Moreau, Gray talked about about the message that he hopes Keller’s Heart spreads—how our differences make us special, that everyone wants and needs a friend and also, just like Keller and Raven, we can do anything that we put our mind to.

Moreau's Kindness Crew with the book Keller's Heart“These messages are ones that we want our students at Moreau to know and understand,” said Laura Pisani, one of the leaders of the school’s Kindness Club. “First, let’s celebrate our differences. We should be a friend to everyone, despite our differences, and we should believe in ourselves—we can accomplish anything!”

In addition to talking to students, Gray signed 275 copies of his book—one for each student. The books were purchased by Moreau Elementary School’s HSA.

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