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The South Glens Falls Central School District is excited to announce we will be bringing back our Everybody Reads elementary school reading initiative this winter. As part of the initiative, we are giving one copy of the book Fenway and Hattie to each family with an elementary school-aged child, along with any staff members that interact with these children in our district. 

Our vision for the project is two-fold. We hope to inspire children to read and have fun through this large-scale SGF community event, and we want our school community to be a part of a shared experience through reading. As educators, we know the critical importance of reading in the early years and we believe an event like this will show children that reading can be a fun and inspiring community-building event!

Each elementary school will be holding a kick-off event on January 6th. During the month of January, students will be encouraged to read specific chapters each week and will be able to participate in Fenway and Hattie trivia at school and a fun scavenger hunt throughout the community. My sincerest thanks to all of the district elementary staff members who, as part of the Everybody Reads Committee, have worked to continue offering this fun community-wide event in 2023.

Finally, we are excited to share our Everybody Reads website. Here, you can find the reading calendar, a link to the author’s website and other useful information. We hope you will take the opportunity to not only read with your family, but to also talk about the book with your family, friends and our South Glens Falls community. We look forward to hearing about how this experience is shared around the community!  

Happy Reading, South Glens Falls Central School District