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Academic Intervention Services (AIS)

The South Glens Falls School District provides Academic Intervention Services (AIS) to students who are at risk of not achieving the State learning standards.

Academic Intervention Services are designed to help eligible students achieve the NYS learning standards in English language arts and mathematics. These services may include:

  • Additional instruction including whole, small group, solo or primary instruction that supplements the general curriculum (regular classroom instruction); and/or
  • Student support services needed to address barriers to improved academic performance including push-in and pull-out services.

The intensity of AIS may vary; it is designed to respond to student needs as indicated through State and/or district, formal or informal assessments.

Districts shall identify students to receive AIS through a two-step process. First, all students performing below the median scale score between a level 2/partially proficient and a Level 3/proficient on a grade 3-8 English language arts (ELA) or mathematics state assessment shall be considered for AIS. Upon identification of a student for consideration for AIS, all school districts shall then use a district-developed procedure, to be applied uniformly at each grade level, for determining which students shall receive AIS. After the district considers a student’s scores on multiple measures of student performance, the district determines whether the student is required to receive AIS.

During the 2016-17 school year, NYSED released guidance for Academic Intervention Services based on the new cut scores on the 3-8 ELA and math assessments.

English Language Arts (ELA)

  • Grade 3 English language arts, a scale score of 305
  • Grade 4 English language arts, a scale score of 303
  • Grade 5 English language arts, a scale score of 304
  • Grade 6 English language arts, a scale score of 301
  • Grade 7 English language arts, a scale score of 302
  • Grade 8 English language arts, a scale score of 300


  • Grade 3 mathematics, a scale score of 299
  • Grade 4 mathematics, a scale score of 298
  • Grade 5 mathematics, a scale score of 306
  • Grade 6 mathematics, a scale score of 301
  • Grade 7 mathematics, a scale score of 307
  • Grade 8 mathematics, a scale score of 304

Students scoring at or above those scale scores but below level 3 will not be required to receive AIS and/or students support services unless the school district determines it to be necessary. Students who score at or below the cut point will be review and the procedures below will be followed to determine which service (RtI) if any the student is eligible for.

Eligibility for Services:

K – 8 students eligible for AIS, including those with disabilities and/or limited English proficiency (LEP), are:

  • Those who score below the designated performance levels on the Elementary State Assessments in English Language Arts, Mathematics and Science in grades 3-5
  • Those at risk of not meeting State standards as indicated through district-adopted or district approved procedures, including those K – 4 students who lack reading readiness
  • LEP/ELL (English Language Learners) students who do not achieve annual performance standards.

Multiple measures will be used for determining eligibility in grades where no state assessments are administered. These measures may include:

Classroom-Based Assessments

  • Teacher’s College Benchmark Data (K-5)
  • SGF Reading Diagnostics (K-8)
  • Math Mid-Module and End of Module Assessments (K-5)
  • Teacher-created ELA assessments (K-8)
  • Leveled Literacy Intervention Diagnostics (K-6)
  • Digits Math Assessments (6-8)
  • Common assessments (6-8)


  • Teachers
  • Administrators
  • Other Staff
  • Parents

Review of

  • Classroom Performance (Bulldog Pride Core Values)
  • Report Card Standard Grades (K-5)
  • Report Card Grades (6-8)
  • New York State Assessments
  • Student Records

Board of Education policy

Parental Notification and Involvement

Notification on Commencement of Services

The Building Principal will notify the parents of a student determined to be in need of academic intervention services, in writing, upon the commencement of such services. Such notification will include:

  • A summary of the academic intervention services to be provided;
  • The reason the student needs such services; and
  • Consequences of not achieving expected performance levels.

Notification on Ending of Services

The Principal will notify the parent in writing when academic intervention services are no longer needed. Such notification will include:

  • The criteria for ending services; and
  • The performance levels obtained on district selected assessments, if appropriate.
  • In addition, the district/schools will provide for ongoing communication with parents which must include opportunities to consult with teachers and other professional staff, regular reports on the student’s progress and information on ways to monitor and work with educators to improve the student’s performance.
  • All parental notifications and communications will be done in English and translated, when appropriate, into the native language or mode of communication of the parents.

Description and Review of Academic Intervention Services

The Superintendent of Schools, in consultation with each Building Principal, shall maintain a description of academic intervention and/or student support services for each school. This description will include any variations in services in schools within the district and will specifically delineate:

  • the district-wide procedures used to determine the need for academic intervention services;
  • the academic intervention instructional and/or support services to be provided;
  • whether instructional services and/or support services are offered during the regular school day or during an extended school day or year; and
  • the criteria for ending services, including, if appropriate, performance levels that students must obtain on district-selected assessments.

The superintendent shall review and revise the description of academic intervention services based on student performance results and present such revised description to the Board for approval.