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A letter to parents about social media

September 21, 2021

SGF Families:

Over the past several weeks, a social media trend called “devious licks” has become popular on the TikTok app. The challenge encourages students to record themselves or others participating in a variety of behaviors including vandalizing, destroying or stealing school property or items from other students or teachers’ rooms. Participants then post those videos on the social media app.

Unfortunately, since the start of the school year, the South Glens Falls Central School District has experienced an increase in similar student behaviors, which has caused a significant disruption to some of our school operations. In addition, some of our staff members are being called away from their essential duties to address these incidents or clean up the aftermath.

It is important that students understand anyone who is found participating or encouraging these behaviors risks significant disciplinary consequences. Some of those consequences could include the involvement of our School Resource Officer.

Please take an opportunity to have a conversation with your students regarding this behavior, the impact this behavior could have on others, and the potential consequences associated with vandalizing, destroying, or stealing property. Students should additionally be reminded of the digital footprint they leave each time they post on social media will also have an impact on future college admissions or employment. 

Our goal is to always help SGF students learn and grow so that they are prepared for future success. In that spirit, we will be offering a one-time chance to students to return any school-owned property that was taken, or who admit to vandalism or destruction of property, an opportunity to take part in our Restorative Justice program.

As always, we are available for any questions or concerns you may have.



Pete Mody 
South Glens Falls HS

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