Everybody Reads

The South Glens Falls Central School District, will be holding an elementary school/community reading initiative called Everybody Reads. As part of the initiative, we are giving one copy of the book The World According to Humphrey to each family with an elementary school-aged child, to all staff members that interact with these children in our district, and to businesses where our families may visit throughout the community.

Our vision for the project is two-fold. We hope to inspire children to read and have fun through this large-scale community event, and we want our community to be a part of a shared experience through reading. As educators, we know the critical importance of reading in the early years and we believe an event like this will show children that reading can be a fun and inspiring community-building event!

Each elementary school will be holding a kick-off event the week of May 1-5. During the month of May, students will be encouraged to read specific chapters each week and will be able to participate in Humphrey trivia at school.

Throughout the community, you will find Humphrey posters in many businesses, and we encourage you and your students to ask community members what they think about the book!